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Oauth authentication for uptime and transaction checks

Oauth authentication for uptime and transaction checks

Hi Pingdom-Team, 

would be great to have possibility to authenticate via oauth for uptime / transaction checks.

Looking forward for positive feedback and adding to your backlog.

Best Regards


Product Manager
Product Manager

@sreuser Thank you for your feedback. I could use some help better understanding your use case. Are you looking to check the uptime/response time of a page that requires you to first requires you to login? Any details you can provide would be very helpful.

Level 8

We want to run an uptime / health check on a secured endpoint within our applications / services.

Therefore we would need oauth instead of basic auth only, to make the check even more secure.

Product Manager
Product Manager

@sreuser are the applications or services using an oauth provider or did you guys do something custom in house? If a provider, which one are you using (Google, Facebook, Okta)?

Level 7

Is there any movement on this request
We have the same issue.  We are using OKTA.
And may have to switch away from pingdom

Product Manager
Product Manager

@acxsjones nothing to report. However, it would be helpful if we could jump on a quick call to discuss this topic. If you have time over the next week or so we can get a call schedule. Direct message me and we can set something up!