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Feature Request per Pingdom Support Ticket 259790

Feature Request per Pingdom Support Ticket 259790

It would be awesome to have a way to select which probes we can select, instead or by region.

Example: We ran into a problem with probes from New York and Tampa. Seems Pingdom support/Dev team can un-check these from being used, but it would be awesome to do this using the UI.

Hi Rick,

I am afraid this is not yet supported in Pingdom. The solution is to filter those probe to not be included in the rotation.

We have a public forum available here for feature requests submissions and discussions directly with our product management team.

I'll also tag this as a feature request that will be provided to product management, but use the forum linked above if you want to start a discussion and get feedback directly on feature requests!

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback on Pingdom!

Kind Regards
Erwin Socito |Technical Support at Pingdom



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This is a huge requirement for our needs. We do business on the west coast only so pingtimes in NY/FL are wholly unnecessary. There's an existing feature request for it here: