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Deployable probes for checking internal resources

Deployable probes for checking internal resources

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The one thing i miss from other tools like Pingdom is the ability to download and install a dedicated probe that can ping internal IP's and report back to the pingdom gui.

The current way of doing this is by adding Pingdoms official probes to a firewall rule. I personally dont like using this method for more complicated networks. The potential risk of firewall mismanagement and reuse of pingdom's IP are in some cases great and hindering the use of pingdom as the one and only tool for uptime checking.


I think this can be done in many ways. One example is allowing this to be done via the api and application token, making the users able to develop their own probes. Or Pingdom can supply the prombe and mechanisms themselfs.


Thoughts are welcome.

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My bad, i did not see this post. Asking for exactly what i have suggested. This post can be deleted.