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Better slicing/analysis of the Transaction visualisations

Better slicing/analysis of the Transaction visualisations

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Morning all, first time poster, and only recently started using Pingdom.

My issue at the moment (with the transactions) is that we cannot slice out the individual steps for further analysis of performance trends on an particular step as opposed to the overall transaction.  I.e. is a fluctuation in the overall transaction due to 1 particular step (or a smaller number of steps) or an overall increase in all steps compounding.  I would like to see something along the lines of

1/ Ability to slice out steps and see the trend just for those step (or steps) - so having a multi-select or a flag against a step or something to show whether to include it in the chart.  Another use case of this could be that for the visualisations you don't necessary need to see the steps like filling in fields etc, I'm more interested in just the steps that result in the network activity.

Has anyone worked around this at all?