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Transmitting reports and task exports as UNzipped files

Transmitting reports and task exports as UNzipped files

Do you have a need for being able to transmit a report or task result export via email in its native format (e.g. XML, CSV, HTML) rather than as a ZIP file?

Level 10

Of all features, this is the one I have wanted the most. Some of our scheduled tasks have details that need to be reviewed on a routine basis. It would be even better if the body of the email could be exported data from the task. The more it could be "at-a-glance", the better.

Level 11

This feature would be very helpful. Most of us in the IT group frequently read our email on a mobile device, so opening a report that's been compressed can be very difficult. I also really like grandgroove's suggestion of offering the ability to include the report data in the body of the email - this would make it even easier!

Level 7

We get a good share of reports daily, and this would allow me and my team to view reports on mobile devices that don't support unzipping and viewing the content.

This has actually been implemented as of Patch Manager 1.85.