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Save View Layout - Summaries and Charts

Save View Layout - Summaries and Charts

On the primary "All Computers" screen in the middle pane down the bottom you have the very useful Summary view split into 4 boxes showing Detailed Status, Summary Status, Update Details and Computer Details.

Whilst this is very useful, we have chosen to ignore updates that are not either Security related or Critical in nature and therefore the charts that I see by default often sahow that I am only 70% up to date. However under the Approved Update Summary tab I get a far more accurate display of the patches that I've approved and there installation success.

What I'd like to be able to do or have is;

1. The ability to make the Approved Update Summary my default view. (Save view layout does not save the tab in focus)

2. Add the Update Details and Computer Details boxes to the Approved Update Summary view.

Oviously this is a nice to have and not a critical feature requirement

PS. I've been involved in deployment for 7 years. The more I use Patch Manager the more it impresses me. Thanks very much for providing the inductry with one of the best (world class) tools for package/update/patch deployment.

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We are currently working on the web console resources (e.g., Serve Node Health Overview, Desktop Node Health Overview, Top 10 Most Vulnerable Machines) to display only information based on your approved updates. Let's be real... if you didn't approve the updates, you don't care about them.

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