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Patch Management Solution for Linux

Patch Management Solution for Linux

I am in need of a Patch Management Solution for my Linux Servers

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Level 7

We are also looking for something to patch our Linux servers.  This would be very helpful.

Level 7

Even though we're primarily a Windows shop, we still have dozens of Ubuntu and SLES servers that have been neglected for years.  Being able to patch and audit them through Patch Manager would definitely help to secure and stabilize our environment.

Level 11

I'd think with the new Linux agent something like this could be integrated a little easier. At least support for a limited number of systems would be nice (such as apt/yum). Sadly it doesn't seem like the this module is keeping pace with the improvements with the other modules.

Level 7

This would be very useful so that we do not need to depend on two different systems.

Level 12

Wow, did you say linux, am on board...

Level 8

We are also looking for patch manager solution for Linux. Current SPM provide great functionality with Windows patching reporting however if SLES, RHEL are also added there then this will be great combination.

Level 11

Here to bump this one into submission