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Improve Orion web integration module

Improve Orion web integration module

The Orion web integration module has some limitation on search therefore it would be nice to add the following.

- Search node for Patch Information

- Search for Patch

- Allow filters (against groups/SQL) to be applied to Node Health overview

- Last xx Installed Updates - include column with installation date

- Allow console reports to be run from the web integration

Level 7

Also for the web based Patch Manager Summary page, for "computers needing updates" there is no way to distinguish between Approved Patches and All Patches.  If I have not approved the patch for my systems or have declined the patch then it should not count towards "needed updates".  Those pie charts are very misleading because they show that most computers are not patched and need updates, when that is not the case.

Level 10

The RC version of 2.0 is out but I have no idea what improvements have been made to Orion integration module.

Level 9

It would be nice to be able to display custom Patch Manager Reports on the Patches tab of Orion.  This way Server Admins could look at these on their own time. 

Level 11

It would be nice to see complete web integration, IMHO. It would make sense to ditch the console in favor of a complete web based front end.

Level 12

This sounds like a good idea.