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Pending Reboot (with Details)

Patch Manager report that returns machine name if there are updates "Installed Pending Reboot" and provides a list of which updates are asking for reboot on each machine.

Import this into Reporting\WSUS Reporting\Windows Server Update Services Analyitics

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Are there updated instructions to use this with NPM 12? I would love to have this.curtisi

Works exactly as described, very easy to see what in your enterprise needs to be rebooted.

I must not be as familiar with NPM as you, would you be able to give me a little more specific information on how to use this? This report would be invaluable. I'd appreciate the help. Thank You! curtisi

This report was written for and is intended for use with Solarwinds Patch Manager (the forum this is shared in).  Are you trying to import into SPM or NPM?  This report will not work with Network Performance Monitor.

curtisi​ I'm sorry, I realize now what you meant. I imported it and it's working great. Thanks for your help... I wasn't thinking straight today.

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