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Installed Programs and Feature Basic - Input computer name with out MS.xdq

This is a fairly simple inventory report. It gets input for the name of a computer and then delivers all the programs installed that are not Microsoft. I use the Programs and Features - Publisher to not select Microsoft and Microsoft Corporation.


- 05 July 2012: Initial report posted by .

- 09 August 2012: Report updated to suppress values related to Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Proofing Tools 2007 Service Pack 3 under Display Name. These entries did not have a value under Publisher (Programs and Features).

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This is actually along the lines of a project that I'm working on. To reduce our attack vector, we are removing a few unneeded third party apps on desktops and servers - Adobe Flash, Acrobat, Java, Firefox, Chrome and such.

I ran the report against a couple of our machines. It ran great. It does show some items related to MS Office 2007 SP3, though. Check out the attached screenshot. This is under the Display Name column.

Thanks for posting!



Excellent, thanks for the feed back, I may have to tweak that report to eliminate all MS patches. I knew that some patches from MS still show up, but in our envionment we did not deploy Office 2007 SP 3. I will let you know when I get an updated report.

Do you want me to update it since I can see those Office 2007 SP3 entries?

Of course, that is what customizing reports is all about. Kind of a community effort. Not all environments are exactly the same. Or you could just post your modified report and I can remove this one. Either way the same job gets done. No worries.

I have (finally) updated the report to omit those options. Microsoft's entries for the Office 2007 SP3 leave the Publisher field empty. That's why they didn't get caught in the initial report. Here is how they are shown in the report:


Adding this criteria filtered out the values. I set the values as specific as possible since Microsoft Office could show up in the name of a third-party application:


I will upload the revision shortly.

Wow, thanks for the modification. I hope this can be useful for people.

Sure thing. Microsoft deserves a ding for the way those service packs are listed in the Add/Remove.

I am very new to this Patch Manager and I need to run a report on Third Party, Java, flash, etc. How do you run this report? step by step would be appreciated. Thanks

This topic is covered pretty extensively in the Patch Manager Administrator's Guide.

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