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Dell BIOS Updates in Patch Manager

Recently decided to try the Dell BIOS updates that are available in Patch Manager.  However, whether I use Update Management to push it to a specific machine, or just approve it for a group in WSUS, it fails.  Error is "Not Applicable"  'Up[date not applicable.  Unable to find the Update by ID to perform the requested operation.  The update may not be applicable for the selected computer.'  Result Code: 0X80240003.

This happened on two BIOS updates for two separate machine types.

Any help is appreciated.

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Ive tried it on and off for years and its never worked so I have given up on it.  If you really want to push bios updates use the dell Command - Configure tool.  Its not the best but I guess thats dell's solution.

If you do get it working through patch manager please let us know what you did

I got this working awhile back.  At first I was wondering why it was not working  myself so I did some digging.  The packages do a WMI query to root/dell/sysinv to look for various pieces of information about your system to identify which system it is.  I found that you have to push the Dell OpenManage Inventory Agent (for Dell Business Client Systems).  After this update is pushed the namespace is available and will report the necessary information and allow you to update the bios on your workstations.  As a matter of fact a new bios version that I just approved went through on our test workstation.

Excellent thank you very much for that info.  The Openmanage agent is required for the command tool as well so that makes a lot of sense.


You are a Godsend!  Dude, I fought with this and even had a ticket open with SolarWinds support. I followed your instructions and BAM! The BIOS updates worked like a charm.

Thanx so much for responding to this post!

Have a great day!!

Just one question....I can get the BIOS update to push, but the client workstation will not reboot.  I tried adding the /r switch in the command line in the package and then changed the reboot code to 3010.  But it just won't reboot.

: (

When we push updates, including the BIOS updates, I let windows restart on it's own through windows update.  If I wanted the computers to reboot right away because say I was prepping the computer for deployment and you wanted it to reboot right away I use Update Management and change the Don't Reboot option under Post Update Management Reboot Options to Always Reboot and run the rest of the tool.

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