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What's the latest PM news?

Hi ding​, could you let us know when we should expect some product news on Patch Manager please. Things appear to have gone slow from what I have read on other posts, and as a customer who has just purchased the product as we are long standing SW customers it would be good to have an update "what we are working on".



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Why does nobody ever answer any questions on the direction and even development of this product? It's disappointing that unlike the other forums for a product you are selling questions are met with silence. Answers please? dingpatrick.hubbardadatole

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Hi Mike! Sorry I missed your initial inquiry about Patch Manager. We were going through some organizational changes in engineering a few months back, but we are now back to our normal cadence. We are working on finalizing the road map for our upcoming release so you will see that page updated soon. I would be more than happy to speak to you about Patch Manager if you would like to have a conversation.

Level 10

Thanks all for getting back to me so quickly. It would be good to see some more activity going on here, but sounds like you do have some more plans in the pipeline. Will be keeping an eye on how things progress. Ding - could you look at this question please regards using PM connecting through firewalls? Design has actually changed a little since I posed this (WSUS all on a single server now), but some machines are still on a firewalled off network. Need to be able to use the single PM server to poll all machines without opening up the firewall for WMI. Thanks Mike

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Typically, everything that is fit to print is on the "What We're Working On Now" pages for each product (in the case of Patch Manager, it's here: What We're Working On - SolarWinds Patch Manager (Updated May 29, 2015) ). If (as is the case here) the page hasn't been updated, the comments will usually have some interesting tidbits.

But ultimately, that page contains everything we are ABLE to say at this time about roadmap, timing, etc.

But more importantly than OUR development plans is what YOU want to see. What new features or use cases would you like us to address? If you've been digging through the Patch Manager Feature Requests (found here: Patch Manager Feature Requests ), make sure you vote them up, and then let us know which of those features is important to you, and why.


- Leon

Leon Adato | Head Geek
"Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable what is not so." - Gallileo

Level 13

I was talking to someone at Solarwinds who said there will probably be an incremental update next year likely in the fall.

The problem is that PM just kinda works and there is very little incentive for solarwinds to invest.  Products like Shavlik are miles ahead in some ways and PM is much better that others in ways too.  I want to say ive been a PM customer for 5 years(?), since version 1.85 maybe.... anyway... really nothing substantial has been added or changed.  There are things like automatic approvals of third party updates but its useless so i dont count that.

Bottom line luffunk, dont hold your breath for anything significant, or answers, its been that way forever.

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