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Vendors not listing in SUP on SCCM

I've just upgraded our patch manager to a Windows 2016 server, reinstalled PM and got the configuration all set up. The new PM is communicating with the WSUS server (also Windows 2016). I launch the SCCM console, and 3rd Party Updates is listed in Software Library, and I can see all the vendors are available. I'm able to publish updates in the SCCM console for Java and Adobe. The problem is, when I got to verify that the SUP is configured to Synchronize Locally Published updates, none of the vendors are listed and under Software Library-> Software Updates->All Software Updates, I cannot filter by any of the vendors, just MS and Local Publisher.

Any ideas?


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I'm doing this from a failing memory, but what I remember tends to cause these issues with SCCM is the classifications settings.  Most third party updates are classified as Tools.  Most companies don't have that category set by default in SCCM and therefore aren't synchronizing the third party updates.

I believe these steps should get you there in SCCM to check that:

Configure classifications and products - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs

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