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Level 10

Update groups not showing Win 10 ver 1909 updates

I've created some groups under updates to make it easier during the approval process and I'm running into an issue where Win10 ver 1909 updates aren't showing up in the groups? It shows everything else, but this version for some reason isn't showing up. If I look under all updates they're there. Has anyone else run into this problem? If there's any work around I'd love to know what it is. I've tried re-creating the groups and they still don't show up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 11

Hey @pmaldonato ,


Do they show in the native WSUS MMC? What build of SPM are you running? What version of WSUS?

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Also, check the classifications that the WSUS is set to sync for, I believe those 1909 are marked as an "upgrade", not a security or critical update. 

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