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Test deployment of Win 10 20H2 - fails The installer requires more data to be downloaded

I wanted to test deployment of WIn 10 20H2 so in WSUS we approved it just for our IT computers OU.  Through the manual windows update mechanism it did show up and install.

So we know the binaries are downloaded fully on our WSUS server, I wanted to see if I could use the Update manager wizard in Patch Manger to push this update out to a specific computer.  I walk through the wizard and I monitor the active task until it goes away.  I check task history and there are two line items for this update


DownloadSuccessSuccessfully downloaded10/29/2020 10:19:35
InstallFailed   Install failed. The installer requires more data to be downloaded HRESULT: 0x8024200D10/29/2020 10:20:06


  Any idea how to push this through?  I think 1809 turns pumpkin in November and would like to push out the newest build to the handful of machines we have on it behind the scenes without asking the user to take over and remote control on and do an interactive windows 10 install.

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