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Solarwinds patch manager vs SCCM

Hi Experts, I am new to Solarwinds Patch manager topic.

I want to understand that how Solarwinds patch manager is better than WSUS and SCCM?

is there any chart list which shows the comparison of tools functionality?

also if there is any whitepaper for same?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

These two links should provide what you need, if you have any additional questions just let us know:

Top 13 Reasons to Maximize Your WSUS Investment

Top 13 Reasons to Maximize Your SCCM Investment with SolarWinds Patch Manager

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thanks a lot and this is what I was looking for. it shows the comparison of Solarwinds Patch manager with WSUS and SCCM both.

Can you please also tell me that comparison chart of SCCM and Solarwinds Patch manager may list only 13 reasons, but I would like to understand while using Solarwinds Patch manager+WSUS, then do we get all the functionality of SCCM from patching prospective?

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