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Patch manager and WSUS V3.2.7600.325 api mismatch


    i'm having issues trying to publish 3rd party updates from patch manager, like notepad++. i keep getting api version mismatch, says WSUS server is 3.2.7600.327 and client version 3.2.307.

How do i update the client version? both have the latest wsus patch installed up to 3.2.7600.307, but the WSUS reports version 3.2.7600.325, i dont understand this?


Nick Hogan

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Re: Patch manager and WSUS V3.2.7600.325 api mismatch

Are your WSUS and Patch Manager servers running different operating systems? That's a common cause of mismatch errors, and you can see some guidance around it here. Useful information in this KB also. 

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