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Patch Manager v1.85.474 fresh install throwing errors

I am new to SolarWinds...

We have an Enterprise license for Patch Manager. I recently installed on a server also running WSUS 3.5 SP2 and SQL 2008. I ran the installation according to the "Quick Start Guide". All went well during the install, even down to the SQL Service Account. Now, when launching the SolarWinds Patch Manager console I get the below message...


After I click "OK" > with in the Patch Manager console "Actions" > "Connect to Application Server"...I verify the server name and IP address are correct. When I click "Resolve" it doesn't change. In the below "Log on to Server" section" I have "As current user" selected (Current user is domain admin, in local admin group and but is NOT the SQL Service Account...I have a separate user for that. Now I click "Connect" and receive the below message...


Now, when I verify the EminentWare Data Grid Server Service was started. SO, I stop and restart and retry...same results as described above. I verify the SQL Service Account is correct and even retype the user and password in the service...verifies successfully.

Any thoughts from the client portal would be greatly appreciated.

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Looks like the first error message didn't copy to the blog. Lets try this again.

"Now, when launching the SolarWinds Patch Manager console I get the below message..."


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It seems like the MMC console application is unable to synchronize templates from the server. Unfortunately, from the message it is not clear what exactly is causing the problem.

I'd double-check access rights for console user on folder "C:\Documents and Settings\adminsolarwinds\Local Settings\Application Data\Eminentware". It is also possible to delete this folder when console is turned off. Deleting operation will remove also local console settings like view layouts but that shouldn't matter here.

If this doesn't work, please go ahead and open a support ticket.


Vaclav Sablik

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Thank you much! I will try your recomended steps and will update the progress.

Thanks for the ticket recomendatoin. I set one up last night...They suggested I apply the version update but this had no affect.


Gerald Reese

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Permissions were set Full Control for the admin user correctly.

I deleted the EminentWare folder and it was recreated when I launched Patch Manager…but no change.

Any further thoughts?

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