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Level 7

Patch Manager System Requirements

I'm considering purchasing this product for a small environment 125 nodes. Would everything run well on a single server to include IIS, SQL and WSUS with a generous amount of CPU's and RAM.

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Level 17

For -125- nodes, you shouldn't have any issues at all running WSUS-with-WID and Patch Manager with SQL Express on the same server.

At least two vCPU (or a dual-core CPU if physical), 4GB RAM, and a four-spindle RAID10 array will be quite sufficient for that client load. If you're not able to accomodate the array, having the two databases on separate disks will be helpful. Where you'll see the most notable load on the system is when performing a "WSUS Inventory" (for reporting), which will be reading from the WSUS database and then writing to the Patch Manager database (thus the value of separate disks).

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