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Patch Manager Reports/Graphs

Is it possible to accurately display patch stats through the orion web plugin?

Example: Patch manager reports that 534 workstations are missing Office 2010 patches, but we probably only have a hundred or so workstations that actually have office 2010.

We use Patch Manager integrated with SCCM 2012.

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Level 17

Couple of considerations here.

First, the Orion Web Console retrieves its information from the Patch Manager server, so whatever data is presented in the MMC console should match what's on the web.

However, in a Configuration Manager environment, compliance data is not reported to the WSUS Server (Software Update Point) by default, so that information will not be available in the PM console or WEB console at all.

You can enable compliance reporting to the SUP in the Software Update Point Component Properties dialog.

Since you have compliance data, I'm assuming that compliance reporting has been enabled.

So, why would -534- workstations be reporting Office 2010 patches missing, even though you only have ~100 actual workstations with Office 2010 installed.

First, a scenario that quite often impacts Configuration Manager environments, is that the SUP may have stale/legacy computers contained in its database. You should run the WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard's "Delete unneeded computers..." action at least once a month. You can schedule this as a recurring task from the Patch Manager MMC.

Second, some Office 2010 patches will apply when any component of Office 2010, including Viewers or Shared Components have been installed. Frankly, in my experience, if the WUA tells a WSUS server that it needs a patch.... then it probably does.

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