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Level 12

Patch Manager Development Finished?

Is any active development ongoing with this product? We using it 2 years and like it but for use its missing features. Looking at other products as no roadmap available for this one.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The Patch Manager 2.1.6 Release Candidate is now available on the Customer Portal which includes the ability to run pre and post-update PowerShell scripts. You can provide any feedback you may have within the RC forum.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Yes, Patch Manager is still being actively developed - you can view the roadmap here. PowerShell scripting support is the top item we are working on, which will allow you to run scripts before and after update tasks. This will enable to to perform actions such as snapshot a VM prior to patching, revert a snapshot if an update fails, unmanage an Orion node during a patching task and more.

I'd certainly be interested in discussing the missing features you've mentioned above. Will send you a private message to arrange some time to discuss.

Level 9

When will any new features be released?  The page you referenced hasn't really been updated in quite a long time. 

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