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Patch Manager - APIs of *any* sort?


We currently use Patch Manager in production with decent success (several thousand nodes, handful of additional polling engines, 50+ tenants). As part of change management, PM is the only remaining link in our SOPs that is stopping us from complete automation. Are there any APIs, at all, which can be used for adding or removing a machine from a scheduled task? Credentials? Routing rules?

We do this by hand, and I would love to write/publish and maintain an Ansible module for this. There are stored procedures and useful views in our PM database (and some tables in our Orion DB as well), but I don't have a lab or confidence to work on this externally. I am not well enough versed in the MS ecosystem to try and do RPC calls directly (to emulate the Patch Manager MMC). Are there any options for us?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

There is currently no Patch Manager API available to meet the use case you've described. There is a related Feature Request which you can vote for here:  

Thank you. My needs are somewhat different - changing routing rules, assigned credentials, or the contents of a scheduled task - rather than calling/creating a task via API.

But upvoted nontheless; it's a pretty big constraint for us. Thanks.

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