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Orion to Patch Manager integration

Has anyone else had issues with the Orion web integration with Patch Manager? It used to work OK but it just seems that other than the pie charts, nothing else is working (eg. attempts to expand any hyperlinks related to pie charts on the default summary page returns a "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" error and all reports are returned blank. Patch manager is working fine, its just doesn't seem to be feeding properly into Orion. I've uninstalled the client on the orion server and reinstalled. Everything is up to date. Anyone had similar issues?

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I did absolutely everything including a complete rebuild but it was the same since a couple of upgrades back however today I upgraded to the latest and greatest (2019.4) and its all working again - I can now ditch my custom reports that I was having to use so a happy me and a happy manager can click through the charts again

We upgraded last weekend and this resolved our issues too.

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We also are having the same issues since we updated a couple months ago now. logs show an error stating no column C15 in database.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

There aren't any known issues with Patch Managers Orion integration at the moment. I'd suggest raising a Tech Support ticket, they'll be able to examine debug logs and determine the root cause. If you can send me the Case ID once you've raised the ticket, I can track it internally.