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No Management Servers Available

Came in this morning to check on our Update server which has been working fine for the last 4 weeks since its initial setup. And i'm getting this error now. Have browsed through the forums but have not found anything similar.


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How many Patch Manager servers are deployed in this environment?

How many Management GROUPS have been configured.

In short, this message is saying that the Management Server for the WSUS Server is not running.

Check the "EminentWare DataGrid Service" and make sure it's running.

Also, check the Patch Manager Servers node and make sure all PM servers are listed.

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There is a single Patch Manager server running WSUS. Only one management group has been setup. The service is running currently, and all the Patch manager servers are listed and it does show my WSUS server in the enterprise.

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Thank you for the details.

The other thing to check is the SQL Server service.

If the SQL Server service is running, and you're still encountering this issue, please enable logging, capture a logfile, and then open a support ticket via

To enable/disable logging, navigate to Patch Manager Servers, select your server, click on the Automation Server Settings tab and configure the three options below:

Logging Level = 3

Logging Output = 1

Logging = Enabled/Disabled (as desired).

The logfiles will be found in %ProgramFiles%\SolarWinds\Patch Manager\Server.

Best approach is to sort by date, newest first, and capture/zip all of the logfiles dated today.

5-28-2014 11-09-59 AM.png

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SQL is running however for Logging Level dont have an option 3 i have 1,2,4,8,15. Also do not have a server folder in the following location %ProgramFiles%\SolarWinds\Patch Manager\Server .

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Argh.. I just learned we changed this up in Patch Manager v2 ... old habits die hard, I guess.

Navigate to the Patch Manager System Configuration node.

In the center pane, launch the Log Adjuster tool, and set the logging level to "Verbose".


Thank you for your help. Found the log files in a different location, and opened a support ticket.

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