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Level 11

List of bugs and feature requests for Patch Manager 1.72


I have made a list of stuff that I’ve noticed  while installing, configuring and administering SolarWinds Patch Manager 1.72. I grouped it into things that seem like bugs and things that are more like requests. I hope that you find this feedback useful



  • When the Data Grid service runs under a local user account, it attempts to authenticate on the domain and generates numerous failed login events on the DC.
  • In the Task Options Wizard, clicking New EminentWare Computer Group in computer selection screen doesn’t appear to do anything
  • In Computer Selection Rule Management, when selecting a container, the dialog allows permits adding multiple containers, but only one container is actually used in the rule. The others are ignored.
  • In the Managed Computers node, if Computer Status is set to “Errors”, all computers are displayed regardless of the selection in the Computer Roles drop down.
  • SCCM Computers summary: Summary tab report data seems to lag behind other reports, even after refreshing. For example: One server shows 14 updates downloaded in the Summary view, but other reports show all updates installed on the same server. Refreshing the view does not have any effect. After several minutes, the Summary view report finally updates.
  • Computer explorer always opens in a window wider than the display and with the right hand side extended past the edge of the monitor
  • When a sorted view is refreshed, the sorting  is lost although the column still indicates that it is sorted
  • Provision WSUS Server Certificate For Publishing Wizard: The “Use an existing signing certificate” option deploys a self-signed certificate instead of the selected certificate.
  • Changing the membership of an EminentWare computer group does not affect existing scheduled tasks that use those groups
  • When in the Approve Updates window, right clicking anywhere brings the main application window to the foreground, obscuring the Approve Updates window
  • Left clicking on a node in the left-hand navigation pane and then right clicking on an object in the middle pane brings up a context menu; however the actions selected from this menu are applied to the object that was left-clicked in the navigation pane (the group or container), and not the object that was right-clicked in the center pane. This is contrary to the behavior in the native WSUS console and could easily result in an inattentive user unintentionally applying a task to a large group of machines when he meant to affect only a single machine. The Managed Computers node behaves in a completely different way, and applies the context menu actions to the selection in the middle pane, regardless of whether Managed Computers or the selection was last selected .
  • Text in the description field of the Task options Wizard is truncated  if more than 129 characters.
  • Task history – chart in Distribution tab is upside-down
  • Update Management – buttons are titled “OK” and “Cancel”, but clicking the OK button takes me to another screen. Microsoft UI convention would instead title the “OK” button “Next >” to indicate that more screens follow.




  • Allow option to hide the Group By header, add “Group By” to context menu
  • Allow dragging column headers to remove/hide
  • Allow reuse of column sort and filter settings
  • Provide button to clear all filters
  • Add Microsoft Remote Assistance tool to Computer Explorer actions (“msra.exe /expert <hostname>” in Vista and later)
  • Allow user to create custom actions for use in Computer Explorer (such as the one above)
  • The EminentWare Computer groups are difficult to find. The Microsoft Windows Network node is not an intuitive location for them. I would expect to find them under Managed Computers.
  • Allow drag and drop between EminentWare computer groups or from WSUS groups to EminentWare groups
  • Show WSUS update summaries in EW computer group views.
  • There are two different locations to configure email settings and they don’t appear to be related. This is confusing: Administration and Reporting > General Settings > Email Configuration; and EminentWare System Configuration > EminentWare Servers > Application Servers > Application Server Settings.
  • Include the “checkbox” filters in all tabular views. Currently, this feature is missing from several views, including Scheduled tasks, active task progress and Management Groups. Some tables presented in tabbed views show the filter dropdown without checkboxes initially, but then make the checkboxes available once a row is selected. For example, the Computers Summary tab of an Updates view or the Update Details tab of a computer in a WSUS group. Other tables never include the check boxes in the filters, regardless of whether a row has been highlighted.
  • Allow the standard F5 hotkey to perform a refresh in all views
  • The right-click context menu does not contain the refresh command for the current window, but only the subordinate window. This is a problem if a user has hidden the actions pane. For example, in the Active tasks view the context menu only allows the user to refresh the Progress list for the currently selected task, not the Active tasks list itself. To refresh the Active tasks list, the user first right-click on the Active tasks node in the navigation tree on the left.
  • The font and spacing in some fields such as Task options wizard text fields change whenever the field is selected or deselected, causing the text to move and sometimes to wrap to additional lines. This also causes the user’s cursor to end up at a location other than intended.
  • The context menu and Actions pane in most views contain an overwhelming number of options. Most of these options are rarely used and seem to create unnecessary clutter. I suggest moving all but the common tools into collapsible groups or other contextual menus


  • Install WMI providers without creating a program group
  • Allow the user to decline creation of desktop icon, program folder and toolbar shortcut when installing the management client

Wake on LAN

  • Auto detect broadcast address instead of requiring the user to know it/figure it out. This would also be useful for automated tasks that include machines on multiple subnets.


  • Allow viewing and modification of the configuration of a scheduled task – Currently only the selected computers and schedule can be viewed or modified, the details of the task cannot be modified
  • Unable to change the computer selection method on a scheduled task that has computers selected using rules
  • Allow new tasks to be created directly from the context menu within the Scheduled Tasks view rather than requiring the user to find the wizard in the context menu of the desired object or group
  • Allow creation of “on demand” tasks with no scheduled execution or recurrence
  • Provide a calendar view providing a graphical representation of when tasks are scheduled, when tasks executed in the past and how long they took to complete
  • Provide a column to display “Next Run” of the task. It’s often difficult to tell if and when a task will run next, especially if the end date has passed or the start date has not yet occurred.
  • Include columns for last run date and last run status
  • Refresh active task status rows individually, rather than reloading the whole view.
  • In the Active Tasks view, consolidate the multiple tasks for a single machine into a single progress bar. Allow a user to expand the status to see the individual tasks
  • Allow sending email when starting a task
  • Provide an “address book” containing emails that can be selected for the email options in a scheduled task, rather than requiring the user to type the address each time
  • Allow user to configure default email options for all tasks.
  • Allow the emailed report to be sent unzipped
  • Task history view column filters do not allow selecting multiple values
  • Task history – descending date sort by default
  • Task options Wizard - The Finish button at the bottom of the “Select Computers…” and the “Scheduling and Notification Options” pages, both go to a confirmation page with yet another Finish button. This is a confusing implementation, since it gives the Finish button two different functions: “Skip to the confirmation page” and “Execute the task”. I suggest removing or renaming one of these

Computer Selection Rule Management

  • Merge Computer Selection Rules with EminentWare Computer Groups to simplify computer selection and allow for more dynamic , adaptable and reusable grouping.
  • Allow selection of multiple containers
  • Rename Advanced tab to “Exclusions”. Allow more exclusion criteria, at least the same options as are available in the selection tab (computers in AD security group, WSUS computer group, EminentWare computer Group, etc.)
  • Allow advanced filtering by WMI filters, such as in group policy. For example:
  • Root\cimv2 ; SELECT * FROM Win32_QuickFixEngineering WHERE HotFixID = 'q147222' (Only computers which have a specific hotfix applied)
  • SELECT * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version LIKE “6.0.%” AND ProductType <> “1” (Only Servers and DCs running Server 2008 or higher)

Update management

  • Allow functionality to install exclusive patches after non-exclusive patches or vice versa
  • Provide a method to continue to apply patches and reboot until all approved patches are installed or have “errored”. Allow a maintenance window to restrict the timeframe.
  • Allow pre- and post- commands to run custom scripts, etc.
  • Detect and report successful server reboot and check-in
  • Provide ability to patch only one of a group of servers at a time. This would be helpful in a HA scenario when one server must be online at all times (e.g. do not patch server group B until server group A has been patched and has reported status)
  • When editing 3rd party packages, the “Next” button on the summary dialog initiates the download with no way to revert or cancel the download. I suggest providing a popup to warn of this renaming the button
  • Do not attempt to refresh immediately when a user changes a list criteria in the updates lists (approval, status, classifications). This makes it time consuming to change multiple criteria, especially in a view that contains a large number of updates, since the user must wait for the entire list to refresh after changing each criteria.
  • Do not remove filters when list criteria are changed in the updates list.
  • Tab order in the Rule editor for File Version with Registry Value skips from Use 32-bit Registry back to the Rule Type dropdown at the top, rather than to the next field, “Sub-path”.
  • Provide a Browse button for file and registry fields in the Package rule wizard to allow the user to browse and select paths from his own registry or file system. This will help avoid typos and simplify rule creation.
  • Allow rules to be copied and pasted, both within a single rule group and from one rule type to another (Applicability Rules -> Installed Rules). Since many Installed rules will necessarily be based on the Applicability rules, this would further simplify rule creation.


  • Provide drill-down views in all reports
  • Allow customization of reports shown on start page
  • When the Updates/Computers and Groups node is selected, the report shows the status of all updates including unapproved updates. Allow this report to be customized to show the status of only approved updates. If we have intentionally not approved an update, the report shows that 100% of our computers need updates.
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Level 9

Feature Request - Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

Case #348679

With the link to Remote Desktop on the Action/Computer Summary Sidebar, it would be helpful to be able to enable/disable it remotely.

Either that or remove the link to Remote Desktop entirely.


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Oh no, I use the Remote Desktop on the sidebar quite a bit. It sould be a shame to lose it.

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Level 11

I have also caused the application to hang repeatedly by attempting to copy selected text.

In the Managed computers node, select the Computer Details tab of a machine, highlight a block of text and press Ctrl+C. The mmc will often hang and must be forcefully terminated.

I can't reproduce this reliably, but it seems to happen about one time in 10.

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Level 9

+1 (wow, excellent list)

Additionally, here are 2 more items:


(opened a case (#343231) before being directed here)

Under the Software Publishing section - Package Selection -

There is a spelling error (hopefully, not grammar) in the default packageboot.xml file.

Line 14: " NOTE: comments are show for the ... "

Should be "comments are shown"

Additionally, there is a screenshot in the Local Publishing Administrator Guide of that packageboot.xml file with the error on page 22.


WSUS Management

Similar to the actual WSUS console, the ability to delete/remove a computer and/or change group membership via a right click.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the thorough feedback, Andrew.  I have this marked for the PM to check out.



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