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Level 8

Failed to Get Custom Third Party Update

OK, made a copy of the java package, included a script to uninstall previous versions.

If I publish the original java update it installs fine, but my custom one does not.

looked in the cab file and all files included, I see this error in my UPdatesDeployment.log file in sccm logs folder on the client.

Failed to get update (Site_A63C7738-4EBF-4551-B9FF-7F9AADDAE6C9/SUM_aae6d2be-3457-488a-b843-26cf86644908) Article Id, error = 0x87d00215

Any thoughts ?

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Level 13

OK, so when you say "included a script" do you mean you enabled PackageBoot and then used a pre-update Run Program command to call CSCRIPT.EXE and specified some command line parameters for the filename, etc... AND added that script as an additional file to the package?

or were you attempting this in some other way?

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Level 8

I have found the problem, after checking the java install error file "C:\windows\temp\jusched.log"

It points to the java.settings.file not existing or the system user being able to access it.

A blank file of java.settings.cfg needs to be created in C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java

This still does not work but I think thats related to other things im doing. But it has got me past this error listed above.

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