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Level 7

Does the Path Manager database require its own instance on a remote SQL server or can it reside in an instance with a SCCM 2012 site database?

We currently have a 3-node 2008 R2 SQL cluster that we are using for our SCCM 2012 implementation.  Our SQL DBM is asking if we specifically need a new instance created for the Patch Manager database (a fair amount of work for him) or if we can create the Patch Manager database in an existing instance that is being used for one of our SCCM site dbs.  Any ideas or suggestions?

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Level 17

You do not need a new instance for the Patch Manager database. The primary database can happily reside in the same instance that houses the Site Server database.

However, if you find it necessary to deploy any additional secondary Patch Manager servers (e.g. an Automation Server to handle distributed WMI or cross-version WSUS connectivity), the additional Patch Manager servers must be on a separate instance of SQL Server from the primary server (but they, also, can share an instance with other entities, such as Secondary Site Servers or SUP servers).

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