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Does PM queue jobs?

We havent discovered how to run pre / post scripts or tasks.  If we schedule jobs staggered by 5 mins or so, will they qeue and be run sequentially and wait for the proceeding job to complete, or will they kick off at their scheduled time no matter what?



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There is not an ability to run a pre/post script or task for a group of updates.

The only functionality like that in Patch Manager currently is the ability to run a pre- or post- update task for an individual 3rd party update by using the PackageBoot wizard when editing that specific package.  As an example, if i have a .BAT or .VBS that i want to run after i install Java, i can modify the Java package and add a Packageboot entry to run, as a post-update task, CSCRIPT.EXE and then i can use the extra parameters to specify the .BAT or .VBS to use and any other needed command line switches for that (like:  /B /nologo  ) .    I would need to also use the "include additional files" option in the package editor to add that script file as part of the package.   

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Right but that is for updates not tasks like discovery, inventory, shutdown, detect now, etc.   The trick is finding when your detect now finishes and then scheduling the report now after that or whatever you are trying to run sequentially.  It would make sense to be able to run them like that but also there are times i want things to run simultaneously as well

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Ah, yeah, the recommendation would be to run the Report Now about 5 or so minutes after the Detect Now but there is not an automated way to 'chain' them together in Patch Manager.   You can schedule a Detect Now for 1:00 and a separate task for Report Now at 1:05, but the one can't be made to kick off the other automatically.

That being said, it's only necessary to do that if you need to view the results quickly; Detect Now by itself will check-in/evaluate the updates and will report back to WSUS within 30 minutes on it's own.   Report now can just speed up that reporting back a bit (if there are things to report, of course).

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Level 13

They will kick off, no queue

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