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Did the Flash updates change?


Are there some changes to the Flash packages? We use the flash MSI packages from solarwinds repository. Until now we only used the full package (not update) to install and update. This were running fine.

Now my clients show "not applicable" only for the "flash player plugin MSI" package. The "flash player activex MSI" is applicable.

Same problem with and 171.

Any suggestions?



I found the Applicability Rules of the MSI Plugin Package seems to be wrong for x32 and x64:

- First check if Reg Value "Version" under SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayerPlugin is lower than the needed version --> OK

- Then Check if the new NPSWF32*.dll under System32\Macromed\flash\ doesn't exist already --> OK

- But then check that the Reg-Path mentioned above doens't exist (SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayerPlugin) - That looks wrong, if I want to update 😞

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Product Manager
Product Manager

There haven't been any changes made to our recent Flash updates. If you want to update existing versions of Flash, can you use the Update packages? The applicability rules for the 'Update' packages are intended to check for any existing Flash on a machine and only update machines where we find an existing version of Flash.

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Yes, the update packages where applicable.

I first changed the applicability rules of the packages for around 2 months. But now I simply deploy both - Install and Update packages.

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