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Level 13

Dameware mini rc hotfix not in catalog

Hey all,

Im new to using Dameware but there is a nessus plugin 130458 that lists dameware as needing to update as there is a critical vulnerability but I cannot locate any update in the patch manager catalog for it.  Does anyone know if hotfixes are supposed to be in the catalog and if so what is it called in there?  Im assuming its like pastedImage_0.png but would be v12.1.3 or something like that if it existed.

They do have  Success Center posted for the hotfix but I really dont want to have to be making my own packages in a solarwinds product for a solarwinds product that we pay to make packages.

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Level 13

Re: Dameware mini rc hotfix not in catalog

Dameware hotfix's are not supported by Patch Manager as the hotfixes generally don't have an installer and have to be applied manually (usually by replacing some files). A service release (e.g. v12.1.3) would be possible as it includes an installer, but unfortunately there isn't we can do for the hotfix.

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