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Changing Proxy Server

We have to change the proxy server that we had originally configured in our Patch Manager Server but we can't seem to get it right, we have changed it in 4 locations but it still gives us errors that it wants our old proxy server. We are using a 2 server Setup. 1 Server is WSUS 1 Server is the Primary Application Server for Patch Manager.


We have adjusted the proxy at following locations:

  • Enterprise => Update Services => WSUSSERVER => Update Source and Proxy Server
  • Administration and Reporting => General Settings => Proxy Server
  • Administration and Reporting => Software Publishing => Synchronization Settings
  • Patch Manager System Configuration => Patch manager Servers => Application Servers => Application Server Settings

Are we missing something?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. The above error comes when you want to refresh the Update Server or look at Computers etc. WSUS and also the Third Party Patches get downloaded fine.

Thank you very much!


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Level 7

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