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Level 10

Adobe Flash Player download stops

I'm attempting to publish Adobe Flash Player ActiveX (EXE).  When I choose "download content", it starts downloading up to 89KB and then stops.  It stops at the same place every time I retry it.  Any ideas? I attached a screenshot so you could get an idea of where its getting stuck.

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Level 13

sign up for adobe distribution if you havent and then download the right version you want here

Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe

The normal process for adobe products is that we have to manually download it, go to publish the package and it will say there is no d/l available and to choose the source.  Since there is something in the package youll have to go to edit it and select I already have the file (or some similar wording)  Im not sure if Solarwinds is trying to include the package now or if its a mistake from the new team that has taken over but afaik its had to have been manually downloaded forever.

I just noticed the same issue today.  Flash shouldn't have a download link in the package.  It should prompt you to manually download and upload like frgpugs said.  Not sure what is going on with that package.

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