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Level 10

Adobe Flash needed...

Hopefully we can get this within 24 hours this time.  Thanks!

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Level 9

I don't see why this is continually an issue. ding​ can you push this forward again?

This has been published!!

I'm having issues with this patch. Instead of the normal dialogue telling me there is no direct download links it is trying to download the patch from ? and is stuck at 90kb. This is on both the MSI and EXE patches for ActiveX and NPAPI. I tested an older flash patch I had never downloaded to make sure it wasn't my install of Patch Manager and did not encounter the same problem. I deleted the new Packages and re-synced my catalogs and am still having the same problem. Is anyone else having problems with this patch?

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Looking into this further the Direct Download Settings on these patches it set to yes. Could you guys please fix this and and re-publish to the catalog. I'm going to just edit these packages to shut it off so I can move forward, but it might help others.


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Thank you!

Not to push further but is anything being done to prevent these delay's?

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thank you ding (i.e. Connie)

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Thank you!!

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