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Adding SCCM server to Patch Manager

In my organization, we have 2 systems that manage patches, WSUS for our server infrastructure, and SCCM for our workstations.  I can add the WSUS server to Patch Manager with no issues and it is working great, but I can't figure out how to add the SCCM patching server to Patch Manager.  Any guidance would be appreciated





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Hey @apperrault_oclc ,


there are basically 2 parts:

  1. add in the SUP as a standard WSUS server
  2. add in the site server under the SCCM area. That basically gives you the ability to view the collections etc.

Bonus feature: if you install the SPM console on a machine that already has the SCCM console, it will add in a "3rd party updates" view, so a lot of the 3PUP tasks you can do in the SPM MMC you can do from there.

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Are your SCCM and WSUS totally separate or is your SCCM being fed by your WSUS?

In my environment we use SCCM for Servers and workstations, which in a sense is just a management layer for WSUS anyway. It's a small environment and my SCCM, WSUS and Patch Manager live on the same server. So, extra load on that server, but no real configuration issues.

How many primary application server licenses do you have for patch manager? Maybe a licensing issue? Are you getting an error?

A few years back when I brought Patch Manager in as a 3rd party application plug-in for SCCM and ran into a few issues, SolarWinds support was awesome. Might be faster to just open a case to get this resolved. 


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