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Add Orion Nodes to NCM using the SDK

Add Orion Nodes to NCM using the SDK

The current process allows you to process a csv file and add inventory to NCM that already exists in Orion. There's a snippet in there for defining a query to run, but I'm having some issues that I will update when I get this working.


I know this is an old post, but I just came across it looking for something else and really liked the way you simplified the script by making easy little functions.  It's the exact opposite way I make my scripts.  Mine are complex and long.  Mainly because I'm figuring out how to do it as I go. 

I was wondering though if you could explain what the part of the script I pasted below does?  I'm  not getting it.


if($args.length -eq 2)


    $importFile = $args[1]


I get that it's some sort of switch because you reference the $format variable later, seeing if it's "CSV" or not, but where is it getting the values for the $args variable from?

Thank you for this cool script, I'm definitely stealing this idea for my future scripts.

This is going to be the parameters you specify when running the script. Args[0..1..2..3...etc].

.\script.ps1 arg[0] arg[1] arg[2]

Does that help?

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