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Level 8

where do I get the perl modules SW::InformationService and SW::Orion

Hi I am new to Orion SDK. I saw a perl script example on thwack and it was using  modules SW::Orion and SW::InformationService

How do I get these modules ?



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Level 19

Those modules were included in Orion SDK 1.10 and earlier. These versions are still available from Orion SDK Information . These perl modules were based on the SOAP interface for SWIS, which is why they were dropped in Orion SDK 2.0 and later. The SOAP interface is still supported, but not recommended for new code.

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Thanks for the reply.

Should I be using the REST::Client module then ? if I want to automate node adds/discovery

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Yes, I would start form there. Especially for discovery - the complex objects used by the Orion discovery API are much easier to work with in JSON than SOAP/XML.

This sample for calling discovery is in Python, but it may be helpful in illustrating the objects needed:

And if you haven't read it yet, I recommend this wiki page to get oriented: