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Level 16

set property on, or unmanage Thin wireless access point

Is there SDK-way to set a wireless access point as 'unmanaged' ?

I notice there is a field in the Wireless access points table to indicate the AP is Unmanaged



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Level 12

Even, I have been getting lot of requests to keep the Thin (Wireless) Access Points in Unmanaged mode for a duration. I could not do it.

rschroeder​, aLTeReGo  - Please let us know, is there a way to keep Thin APs in Unmanage mode. We are on NPM 12.2. Thank you.

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uniswtc​​, I don't know which version introduced the Maintenance Mode feature, which includes scheduling options, but I'm running NPM 12.5 and it's possible to unmanage devices from there.



Instead of using NPM to manage our 3000+ AP's, I use Cisco Wireless Controllers (WLC's) and Prime.  NPM knows the status of our WLAN by monitoring the WLC's.

Upgrade to the current version of NPM; you might be surprised to find it performs faster (due to the new requirement of using SQL 2016 or greater), and that it has new features and fixes for problems in 12.2.  Then give the Maintenance Mode feature a try.

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Note that Thin APs are not nodes in Orion. Therefore things like Mute and Unmanage do not apply to them.