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Product Manager

Orion SDK Information

Please go here for the most updated Orion SDK information.

Thank you for your interest in the SDK.

You can download the SDK 1.10 here (SDK 1.9 here / SDK 1.8 here / SDK 1.7 here / SDK 1.6 here / v1.5 here / SDK v1.4 here)

What's new in SDK v1.9?

  • New chapter added documenting the new NTA 4.0 Entity Model with typical query examples.
  • New sample script for adding a Windows node for monitoring using WMI.
  • Bugfixes to SWQL Studio and the PowerShell cmdlets.

What’s new in SDK v1.8?

  • New sample PowerShell script:
    • CopyNodes
  • Additional documentation:
    • list of functions supported by SWQL
    • the RETURN XML RAW/AUTO clause
  • Schema reference docs for updated for product releases

What’s new in SDK v1.7?

  • Update documentation reflecting technical changes made in Orion Platform 2013.1, NPM 10.5, SAM 5.5, and IPAM 4.0 (summarized in a new "What is new" chapter in Technical Reference document instal
  • Documentation for the REST/JSON endpoint for the Information Service
  • Improvements and bug fixes in SDK tools
  • New sample scripts demonstrating:
    • Using UDT to shut down a switch port
    • Connecting to the Information Service from Python

What’s new in SDK v1.6?

  • Updated documentation reflecting technical changes made in Orion Platform 2012.2, NPM 10.4, and SAM 5.0 (summarized in a new "What is new" chapter in Technical Reference document installed)
  • Improvements in SDK tools, including bulk update and bulk delete capability for SwisPowerShell.
  • New sample scripts demonstrating:
    • Downloading a network device configuration file using NCM
    • Management of SAM application monitoring

What's new in SDK v1.5?

  • Updated documentation reflecting technical changes made in Orion Platform 2012.1, NPM 10.3 (summarized in a new "What is new" chapter in Technical Reference document installed)
  • Improvements in SDK tools
  • New samples demonstrating the other SWIS API use. in particular, PowerShell samples demonstrating:

Adding a node

Adding an interface

Discovering interfaces

Setting a custom property

Configuring Orion Groups

This package contains:

  • SWQL Studio: An application for browsing the Information Service schema and running queries.             
  • Orion SDK.pdf: The documentation for the SDK. Includes an explanation of the purpose of the SolarWinds Information Service, a description of its query language, SWQL, and walkthroughs of the VBClient and JavaClient sample applications.             
  • VBClient:A sample application written in Visual Basic.NET that connects to SWIS over HTTPS, finds the most-recently-triggered unacknowledged alert, and acknowledges it. A project file is provided for building this sample in Visual Studio 2008.
  • JavaClient: A sample application written in Java that connects to SWIS over HTTPS, finds the most-recently-triggered unacknowledged alert, and acknowledges it. A project file is provided for loading this sample in Eclipse. There is also a build.xml file for building the sample with Ant.
  • PerlClient: A sample application written in Perl that connects to SWIS over HTTPS, and contains example calls of SWIS API.
  • PowerShell samples: A set of PowerShell sample scripts containing example calls of SWIS API.
  • SwisInvoke.exe: A tool for invoking SWIS verbs (commands) from the Windows command line.
  • Reference documentation for the SWIS schema: In HTML format.         
  • SWIS Snapin for Windows PowerShell:A component that provides cmdlets you can use to access SWIS from Windows PowerShell, including querying data and invoking verbs. This requires a manual installation step to use. See the Orion SDK.pdf document for details on this

A couple of notes regarding the SDK.

  1. All support will be handled via the thwack SDK forum, which can be found here.
  2. If you call customer service regarding an SDK issue or question you will be directed to thwack, so please do not call customer support.

SolarWinds Orion SDK Team

137 Replies

So, when the next version of sdk release ? Is there any planned date?

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We don't have a date planned for the next SDK release. Most of these feature requests are for product changes anyway, so we wouldn't be able to address them through SDK updates.

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Level 7

May i know which tools can monitor the cpu usage?

if my pc is windows 7, which node i should add?

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If you are looking for a monitoring tool, I recommend you contact SolarWinds sales to help figure out what would meet your needs. or 866.530.8100.

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Level 7


Can we use the SDK in SAM my SAM version is 6.1.1.

If yes how can i implement it with my SAM.


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Hello swapnilm

Currently I'm using the SDK to apply templates automatically to nodes in the system based on their naming convention. Haven't done much of the service status with SDK to another app or output, just mainly used SWQL for reports on that stuff. Interesting though!

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Haven't invested much time in the SDK for SAM however you certainly can get info just like you would using from NPM.

At present we just use it to request info gracefully from the SQL. Status of particular services we monitor as well as health of the SAM application itself for a morning health report for management.

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Level 7

Hi, After insert the node using API, how can i show the result in visual chart ?

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Could you be more specific? After you add a node and pollers, the charts for response time, etc., will be on the website.

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For example, I want to show the CPU usage, which node and poller should I add?

After add , how to show them in Pie Chart?


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Hi yangj,

the CPU and Memory pollers are Vendor specific. Use the last chapter of the Orion SDK documentation (Orion SDK.pdf) to find out the correct pollers for your devices. Working with charts is the same as for regularly added/discovered nodes.(How to add Nodes and pollers you can find e.g. in the Orion SDK sample scripts - c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\Samples\PowerShell\).



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Level 7

Hi ,

I saw there is a java client sample for web service using SOAP in SDK document.

Since also support REST/JSON , do you have sample java client code to retrieve XML/JSON format information using RESTful webservice?

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No, we don't have a sample for using the REST endpoint from Java. But it's not doing anything weird - HTTP Basic authentication and simple HTTP with simple JSON bodies. Let me know if you have trouble with it.

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Level 7

i am not able to use SwisSnapin in windows power shell after install the SDK.

How can i manually install it?

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Did you add swissnapin to the current session? If not use the below mentioned command.

Add-PSSnapin swissnapin

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Hi ,

When I issue that command in widows powershell, I get this error:

PS C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\SWQL Studio> Add-PSSnapin swissnapin

Add-PSSnapin : No snap-ins have been registered for Windows PowerShell version 2.

At line:1 char:13

+ Add-PSSnapin <<<< swissnapin

+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (swissnapin:String) , PSArgumentException

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : AddPSSnapInRead,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.AddPSSnapinCommand

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this looks like the issue with registration of the SDK libraries. Typically this might happen when you install th Orion SDK under non-administrative account.

To register the SWIS PowerShell snapin on 32-bit Windows computers:

Run the following command, all on one line. C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\InstallUtil.exe 'C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\SWQL Studio\SwisPowerShell.dll'

To register the SWIS PowerShell snapin on 64-bit Windows computers:

Run the following command, all on one line. C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\InstallUtil.exe 'C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\SWQL Studio\SwisPowerShell.dll'

I hope this will help.

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply.

I have managed to register the dll.

Now I have another problem when I try the example in SDK API document.

PS H:\> Invoke-SwisVerb $swis Orion.Nodes Unmanage @("N:1",$now,$later,"false")

Invoke-SwisVerb : Account limitations prevent this object from becoming unmanaged.

At line:1 char:16

+ Invoke-SwisVerb <<<< $swis Orion.Nodes Unmanage @("N:1",$now,$later,"false")

+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: ( , FaultException`1

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : SwisError,SwisPowerShell.InvokeSwisVerb

Btw, I have tried commands Connect-Swis , Get-SwisData successfully.

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Most likely cause would be that you do not actually have a node with NodeID=1. The error message does not differentiate between "no node with that ID" and "there is a node with that ID, but you do not have permission to see it."

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I had the same problem where the id did not exist and was able to fix accordingly

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Level 7

Hi , I am new to solarwinds

I just download SDK & install it.

I try to connect to server (default name is SWSrv1) from SWQL studio but i dont know which server type i can use?

Btw, may i know this SWSrv1 is your product server or we need setup our own server?

if connect to local, Is it the local server have been setup automatically after installation or we need do it manually?

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