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Product Manager
Product Manager

Orion SDK Information

Please go here for the most updated Orion SDK information.

Thank you for your interest in the SDK.

You can download the SDK 1.10 here (SDK 1.9 here / SDK 1.8 here / SDK 1.7 here / SDK 1.6 here / v1.5 here / SDK v1.4 here)

What's new in SDK v1.9?

  • New chapter added documenting the new NTA 4.0 Entity Model with typical query examples.
  • New sample script for adding a Windows node for monitoring using WMI.
  • Bugfixes to SWQL Studio and the PowerShell cmdlets.

What’s new in SDK v1.8?

  • New sample PowerShell script:
    • CopyNodes
  • Additional documentation:
    • list of functions supported by SWQL
    • the RETURN XML RAW/AUTO clause
  • Schema reference docs for updated for product releases

What’s new in SDK v1.7?

  • Update documentation reflecting technical changes made in Orion Platform 2013.1, NPM 10.5, SAM 5.5, and IPAM 4.0 (summarized in a new "What is new" chapter in Technical Reference document instal
  • Documentation for the REST/JSON endpoint for the Information Service
  • Improvements and bug fixes in SDK tools
  • New sample scripts demonstrating:
    • Using UDT to shut down a switch port
    • Connecting to the Information Service from Python

What’s new in SDK v1.6?

  • Updated documentation reflecting technical changes made in Orion Platform 2012.2, NPM 10.4, and SAM 5.0 (summarized in a new "What is new" chapter in Technical Reference document installed)
  • Improvements in SDK tools, including bulk update and bulk delete capability for SwisPowerShell.
  • New sample scripts demonstrating:
    • Downloading a network device configuration file using NCM
    • Management of SAM application monitoring

What's new in SDK v1.5?

  • Updated documentation reflecting technical changes made in Orion Platform 2012.1, NPM 10.3 (summarized in a new "What is new" chapter in Technical Reference document installed)
  • Improvements in SDK tools
  • New samples demonstrating the other SWIS API use. in particular, PowerShell samples demonstrating:

Adding a node

Adding an interface

Discovering interfaces

Setting a custom property

Configuring Orion Groups

This package contains:

  • SWQL Studio: An application for browsing the Information Service schema and running queries.             
  • Orion SDK.pdf: The documentation for the SDK. Includes an explanation of the purpose of the SolarWinds Information Service, a description of its query language, SWQL, and walkthroughs of the VBClient and JavaClient sample applications.             
  • VBClient:A sample application written in Visual Basic.NET that connects to SWIS over HTTPS, finds the most-recently-triggered unacknowledged alert, and acknowledges it. A project file is provided for building this sample in Visual Studio 2008.
  • JavaClient: A sample application written in Java that connects to SWIS over HTTPS, finds the most-recently-triggered unacknowledged alert, and acknowledges it. A project file is provided for loading this sample in Eclipse. There is also a build.xml file for building the sample with Ant.
  • PerlClient: A sample application written in Perl that connects to SWIS over HTTPS, and contains example calls of SWIS API.
  • PowerShell samples: A set of PowerShell sample scripts containing example calls of SWIS API.
  • SwisInvoke.exe: A tool for invoking SWIS verbs (commands) from the Windows command line.
  • Reference documentation for the SWIS schema: In HTML format.         
  • SWIS Snapin for Windows PowerShell:A component that provides cmdlets you can use to access SWIS from Windows PowerShell, including querying data and invoking verbs. This requires a manual installation step to use. See the Orion SDK.pdf document for details on this

A couple of notes regarding the SDK.

  1. All support will be handled via the thwack SDK forum, which can be found here.
  2. If you call customer service regarding an SDK issue or question you will be directed to thwack, so please do not call customer support.

SolarWinds Orion SDK Team

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Port 17777 is the port that SWIS listens on special for special bindings, while port 17778 is the port that SWIS listens on for HTTPS connections.

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Ok i found a interesting solution, to integrate a module map or everything that you create :

  • First, create a account user.

  • Use a automatic authentification http url :

<iframe name="inlineframe" src="http://[@IP_SolarWinds]/Orion/Login.aspx?AccountID=[USER]&Password=[PASSWORD]" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="0" height="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" ></iframe>

  • Session's account never expire.

  • use "php timer" w/ (sleep) to the connection.

<iframe name="I1" src="http://[@IP_SolarWinds]/Orion/DetachResource.aspx?ResourceID=1979&NetObject=" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="500" height="320" marginwidth="5" marginheight="5" id="I1" ></iframe>

  • Here My ressources, maps, group, list groups,...

it's not a final solution for me.

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Level 8

Hello. Please pardon my ignorance - I'm new to the Windows development community. I installed the MSI for the SDK but I can't seem to find any documentation for it - could somebody point me to the right direction?

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You can find the documention on the Start menu. Start > SolarWinds Orion SDK > Technical Reference.

Thank you! I'm so blind.

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Level 9

Hi,  I've extracted and installed 1.8 but don't see the "addvolume" sample you referenced.  I'm currently automating IE in powershell to programmatically add a node, but would like to be able to add a server, for instance, and discover the interfaces and volumes within the API.



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You are right - this sample apparently didn't get added. The post is incorrect. I'll get it updated. Sorry about that.

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Level 16

Is there an API to set the node location do they appear on the [new] worldview maps?

Can this be a design goal: if a new product feature is added then an API has to be added to SWIS to support it...

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You can use the SDK to add entries to the Orion.WorldMap.Point entity.   Once you do that, the nodes will show up on the map.

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I'm attempting to add and also update information in the Orion.WorldMap.Point table, do you happen to have any pointers on how to do it? Ideally via perl.

Update: create a post with the question - Updating Orion.WorldMap.Point via the Perl SDK

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No, in fact i want to send this module on a web page.

I try actually a solution, but if you can help me !

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I don't understand your comment.  Can you please clarify?  Thanks.

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Sorry for my english i'm french !

i want to extract data's SolarWinds, or interrog BD SolarWinds to view Nodes / Groups supervision on a another website that Orion Web Interface !

It's OK ?

Happy NEW YEAR !

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I don't know what version of Orion you have, but if you have the latest, with some javascript/jquery you should be able to do a http post to https://<orion ip>:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Query

with the body containing your query.  e.g.


     "query":"SELECT NodeID, Caption FROM Orion.Nodes ORDER BY Caption"


You will get back a result like





             "NodeID": 1,

            "Caption": "My Router"




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Sorry how can i do https post javascript,

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Explaining how to do it would be too much for this post.

If you have a fields with Id "username" "password" and "querytext"

You can use something like jquery to make an ajax call like this

        $(function() {

            $("#send").click(function() {


                var address = 'https://localhost:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Query?';

                address += "query=" + encodeURIComponent($("#querytext").val());


                    url: address,

                    username: $("#username").val(),

                    password: $("#password").val(),

                    type: "GET",

                    dataType: "json",

                    success: function (data) {

                        /* handle result */





This will only work if the caller and the Orion server are on the same domain.

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thanks to your support ! not work for me, but i'm not a expert in programmation.

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Hello Fabi, I am based on Brazil, and we provided professional service that can help you. Drop me a menssage if you are interested.

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Hi fabi,

The snippet was just a starting point.  Unfortunately this kind of integration requires some knowledge of web development.  I would recommend that you have someone with that experience help you out.

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Thanks again, i try any tricks, maybe a "http get" on PHP, with solarwinds web authentification. Maybe i will can get my module ressources.

If i find a interesting solution , i post it.

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Big Thanks to your help ! i will try your trick !

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