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Issues with "diff" and date/time


I'm trying to display a custom chart based on the following SWQL query:

select MAX(inbps) - MIN(inbps) AS diff

FROM Orion.NPM.Interfaces

WHERE interfaceid IN (510,27429)

I am, however, having issues displaying this in a chart view.  It asks me to specify a date/time, but this doesn't not show up as an option when trying to add a new column.

In the end, essentially what I need to do is display the difference in bandwidth utilized between 2 different interfaces...

TIA for the help!


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What you have will work for a table. If you want a chart then pull the same from the interfacestatistics tables (detail, daily, or hourly depending on what you want) and pull back the time stamp. Then the report chart can chart against those timestamps

Thank you!

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