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Level 8

Integration of solarwinds with service now using third party tool Mulesoft

Hello everyone,

we want to integrate solarwinds with third party tool called mulesoft. Basically we don't want to integrate service now directly with solarwinds. So our management decided to go with third party tool. Now I need your suggestions to know how we can achieve this integration using Orion sdk or api. Please help me to know how we can achieve this and what we have to do from orion end?

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Level 12

I suggest you create alert trigger actions that send data on the alert to your integration software. In that data you also send the alert id number.

In the alert reset action you send the same alert id number to the integration. Alert ID number is a variable called: ${N=Alerting;M=AlertActiveID}. With that you can clear the ticket.

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Thank you for your response. But my question here is how to integrate this mulesoft tool with solarwinds? In order to send those variables either we should have some api integration or using orion sdk.

However i will verify with mulesoft vendor that how they are accepting the variables or they have any kind of api which we can use it for sending those values.

I just want to know if somebody came across this tool or this kind of approach of integration which can help me to figure out how we can achieve this without spending more time on testing.

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