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Level 9

IPAM API Moving Newly Created Subnet into an Existing Supernet

I'm currently working on creating new subnets using python and the Orion API. I have the subnets being correctly added but they are appearing in the top level instead of their Supernet. I have tried changing the ParentId to match the SubnetID of the Supernet as other subnets are like. I can see the change within SWQL but in the Web Console it still is in the top level. I have looked at the IPAM.GroupNode Table and noticed it only had 2 rows for the new subnetId while others have 3. When I dragged and dropped it into the supernet it created a 3rd row. I am stuck on what to do here. Let me know if you need anything to assist.

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Level 7

@jhaas  I have the same issue here. Have you managed to find a solution for this?

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