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How to dynamically/automatically (daily) fill in Node Custom Properties

Hi all

We need to run a "discovery job/script" to get plenty of values from roughly 1000 servers,

then update node custom properties with found values

and then use those values as variables in Application Templates for Windows PowerShell Component Monitors.

Seems like this topic was already discussed here: Automate custom property fill in more than a year ago.

I am wondering if there is any recommended "SolarWinds out-of-the-box way" now except of OrionSDK and/or using Alerts to change the custom property.

Thank you in advance, this is the most important step for us when replacing SCOM and implementing SolarWinds Solution.


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Hi guys

Thanks for replying, I have worked on this one and needed some time to test it.

Long story short,

we monitor an ERP application and it requires some special monitoring - on the app level, not windows level (logging into an app, etc).

A problem I face by using Alert Actions is that you can alert only on a Node and an Application in order to change a NODE custom property.

When I want to run a script (PowerShell for instance), I would like to trigger an alert on that component, but component does not allow you to update a node custom property.

How would you update a node custom property with names of IIS app pools for instance? Let's say one custom property column with one name of a pool?

Run a powershell query, get the names, then somehow parse the output string and update those columns.

Imagine you have one app pool for Prod, another for Test, another for Pilot environment, etc. Number of pools and names varies, so also this needs to be dynamic.

Then, once you have all this info in the DB/Custom properties, you can use ${Node.CustomPropertyName1}, ${Node.CustomPropertyName2}, arguments in another powershell script that will FINALLY check what needs to be checked.

Hope you get a picture.


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Similar to the solution suggested by nks7892​, I just did this for a customer. In our case, the customer has their own Additional Polling Engine (polling engine ID is 12), and the discovery job runs on that polling engine. I created an alert with these trigger conditions:


The alert has several trigger actions to set custom properties:


When a new node is added to the customer's APE, these three custom properties will automatically be populated for the customer.


epicor.jastalos​ Any response to wluther​'s feedback? I'm interested where you landed on this one.

Best way I found to automatically fill in the custom properties is using Alert Actions. Yes, Solarwinds provides "Fill Custom Property" as a default action types in Alert.

What you have to do is just have to create perfect trigger condition which can target required devices/interfaces/volumes. For example I want to update custom property for all Windows Servers then simply select vendor=windows and then in trigger action configure custom property action type and fill the required value in required custom property filed.

That is clever.

epicor.jastalos​ While there are likely many ways to accomplish your request, I would say the link you provided is a good start. However, it sounds like you will be getting fairly deep into the automation, and I would guess you would need to branch out a bit, and probably get some decent SQL wheels spinning on the backend. I would recommend doing as much as possible via the API (SWQL). There are, however, some things which must be done via SQL. But, having the choice, I'd say do as much via SWQL as you can.

Do the custom property values exist anywhere else, other than on the nodes? (Do you have an Excel sheet with these values?) You can also bulk import custom property values via the GUI. If you can populate the basic node custom properties, you should be able to easily move that data around to pretty much anywhere else on the node.

Import custom property values - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Export/Import custom property values - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

When you say you need to run a discovery job/script to get plenty of values from your severs, what exactly do you mean? (Or, perhaps, what results are you expecting?) I ask this, as the discovery, as far as I know, will likely only find the top level info. So, unless you are planning on using that to somehow derive the custom properties, you would still need to posses those CP values elsewhere.

Let us know if this helped.

Thank you,