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Error .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ImportListResourcesResult

Hello everybody,

I am trying to get a node's resource list using the REST api with http calls. I can launch the job and check its status. But when making the request Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ImportListResourcesResult I'm always getting the error:

     One of the known types provided to the serializer via 'knownTypes' argument was invalid because it was null. All known types specified must be non-null values.

Probably because I am a bit new to Solarwinds I have no clue what the error is referring to.

What I do:

    1. Post a request to .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ScheduleListResources with body { "nodeId": 6 }. A job id is returned. For example "05fd1a93-e069-4a96-a3ad-d82e6affc4a4".
    2. Post requests to .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/GetScheduledListResourcesStatus with body { "nodeId": 6 , jobId: "05fd1a93-e069-4a96-a3ad-d82e6affc4a4" } until the result is "ReadyForImport".
    3. Post a request to .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ImportListResourcesResult with body { "nodeId": 6 , jobId: "05fd1a93-e069-4a96-a3ad-d82e6affc4a4" }. This always returns the aforementioned error.

There seems to be a timeout for importing the resource list, but I am pretty certain I'm doing the import request within seconds once the status became ReadyForImport.

Am I missing something in the import request ? Or maybe Solarwinds is incorrectly configured ?

Many thanks for helping a struggling SW newbee ! 🙂

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Level 13

This is a confirmed bug.  It is tracked internally as issue DC-3254.  It has been fixed in the candidate builds for the next release of Orion.

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This issue with the ImportListResourcesResult verb has been fixed in the 2020.2 release of the Orion platform.

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@dan_jagnow: Can you direct me to anything to remediate this issue, please?

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I'm still experiencing this issue.  I upgraded from 2019.4 to 2020.2 last week, but all jobs go into 'Unknown' state.

I tried via script using this:  But to eliminate potential script errors also tried directly through SWQL Studio.

To start the job and get the job GUIDTo start the job and get the job GUIDChecking the statusChecking the statusIncluded just because.  It's expected as the jobs never complete.  Different job attemptIncluded just because. It's expected as the jobs never complete. Different job attempt


I've restarted services and even rebooted the servers, no joy.

Any suggestions?

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Level 11

100% of "ScheduleListResource" jobs stays in 'unknown' state, don't know why (tested on hundred node).

Where are located discovery jobs ? In database ?


$result = Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "orion.nodes" "ScheduleListResources" 221
Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "orion.nodes" "GetScheduledListResourcesStatus" @($result.'#text', 221)

xmlns                                                                                                                            #text
-----                                                                                                                                -----    Unknown

SAM: 2019.4.1 | Orion Platform HF4, NCM HF1, NPM HF2, NTA, UDT HF2: 2019.4


Solarwinds does not provide support of this.....

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@Vinx , are you using the following sample script as a template for what you are trying to do?

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Hi @dan_jagnow 

This script is automation using swis commands, I use the same commands


$result = Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "orion.nodes" "ScheduleListResources" 221 #to launch the discovery
Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "orion.nodes" "GetScheduledListResourcesStatus" @($result.'#text', 221) #to get discovery result

I relaunch the 2nd command 5/10/30/60 minutes after, the result is still "unknown".

*Sometimes* it works, better chance if the agent has just been installed (90% failed), but for previously installed agent, 100% failed


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Gave you a thumbs up to increase visability.  Hopefully someone chimes in, I'm getting what I assume is the same error.  For me the job is stuck in 'Unknown' status.  I've tried this on Agent based nodes as well as SNMP.

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