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Changing pollers in API

Can the pollers available in the Poller Checker be changed using the API? We discovered we have 100s of devices that have additional invalid pollers assigned for CPU and Memory. So, in addition to N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen3, they are also assigned N.Cpu.SNMP.HrProcessorLoad. In addition to N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoGen4, they are also assigned N.Memory.SNMP.NetSnmpReal. Of course those extra pollers don't work and take precedence over the correct ones, so we need to remove them so that the correct ones work again. The Poller Checker requires you to check each and every device. There is no way to import a list, or select, for example, all devices of model "29xx", or even all Cisco devices.



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If you have more than one poller assigned then it seems likely someone was already mucking around in the DB or API but for normal cases there is nothing about the various cpu and mem pollers that the poller checker does that couldn't be handled from the GUI.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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You can change cpu pollers in bulk from settings > manage pollers. Its doable to manipulate the pollers via the api if needed but I'd try the gui first. If that doesn't cut it then via the api just setswisobject enabled = false on uri of the poller you need off and enabled = true on the standard ones you need it switched back to.
- Marc Netterfield, Github

@mesverrum Manage Pollers doesn't seem to get into the level of detail the Poller Checker does, or at least I don't see it off-hand. Maybe I'm missing something.

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