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Anyone here can help me answer if domain accounts can access SWQL studio? I tried but it won't let me login. I used Orion individual account and it worked. I also want to access JSON query using domain account but it tells me access is denied. Do i need to enable somewhere on the account settings or in Orion platform?

Here's the sample JSON that I want to access

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As an FYI, this post appears to be a form of spam where they took a real post that someone else had made in the past and just replaced their link with these shortened xender and nox addresses.


See the original post of this here:

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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You need to add your domain account to SolarWinds accounts either using
Windows individual account - Add existing Active Directory or local accounts to Orion.
Windows group account - Add existing Active Directory or local group accounts to Orion.

Once you are able to connect to SolarWinds with your account you should be able to connect to the SWQL Studio.