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NTM 2.1 RC - Notes & Info

As mentioned in the announcement post, the NTM 2.1 Release Candidate is up on the customer portal.  Check out the product blog post if you'd like some screenshots.

What's New in NTM 2.1

NTM 2.1 includes quite a few changes.  Here's some of the key changes:

  • SNMPv3 AES 192 & 256 encryption support

  • Support for VLAN discovery for Juniper, HP, 3Com, and others

  • Improvements to the way node properties are displayed

  • Enhanced help menu with built in SNMPWALK utility

  • UI tweaks including:

    • Interface names will be displayed up to an adjustable character count limit

    • Interface names, speed, and VLAN information can be exported to Visio

    • More information in the discovery scan process

    • Better merging algorithm when you run discovery on a map more than once

  • Too many more to list.

Your Feedback Matters!

I'd love to hear what you think of NTM 2.1.  After you download the RC and take it for a spin, come back and let me know what you think.  Your feedback shapes our products.

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Re: NTM 2.1 RC - Notes & Info

I have been testing NTM for University of Kentucky and some of these features are very nice to have! I haven't however discovered the functionality of the SNMPWALK utility. This may be due to the fact that i am using the evaluation download.

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Re: NTM 2.1 RC - Notes & Info

It's a bit buried:

Help > Support Tools > Grab SNMPWALK

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