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Level 8

Where can I get this tool?

I am searching trying to find the Network Discovery Service tool but I cant find it anywhere.

Please point me to the right place?

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Where can I find out what functionality this tool provides?  I can't find any documentation on SolarWinds website or Thwack.

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Hi Rgward

Please visit

Solarwinds also has a free assessment tool for Cisco Engineers called the Solarwinds Network Discovery Service (NDS). It consists of NCM and an additional tool which interfaces with the Cisco Discovery Service (CDS) to allow Cisco SE’s to gather inventory data about customers Cisco network devices including End of Life and support information.

It’s free to download for any registered Cisco partner (user must have a Cisco Partner ID to use it)

This page contains all the information you will need about the tool.

This page contains

  • General info on NDS
  • A registration form to download it
  • A PDF User Guide
  • A Video which explains everything you'll need to know.


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Level 15

the network sonar discovery is built into npm and sam. lansurveyor has a similar feature

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I think the Network Sonar Discovery is different to the Network Discovery Service Tool for uploading to Cisco CDS for PSIRT, EOS/EOL and maintenance contract  reporting.

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Yes, NDS is different.

The (free) NDS tool is accessible to Cisco Partners only, because it requires a set of credential to Cisco's CDS service (API).

For this reason, we are distributing this tool only to partners registered on SolarWinds' Partner Portal

If your interest is for EOS/EOL info, you may want to look at what we are working on for NCM

HI fcaron,

So where could we download the NDS tool then? (we are a Solarwinds partner).


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I will contact you off line.

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Hi fcaron,

Thanks for your reply. I'm deeply sorry but would you kindly resend me the email about the tool?

thanks in advance for your time

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No worries. I resent it

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