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Level 9

Where's SNMPv3 on this thing?

Please make new tools useful to those of us in a secure environment. Releasing tools that only support SNMPv1/2 is....sorry to say...stupid. Why would you exclude a significant portion of your customers? Now I'm no developer so maybe adding SNMPv3 is big deal??

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Level 18

We hear ya.  Unfortunately, it was significantly more dev effort to add SNMP v3 credential management (you wouldn't want to have type this stuff more than once) and this would have meant sacrificing other features in the free tool since we had a limited time/resources allocated to this project.  

The good news is that this Config Change Template functionality will be in NCM soon (as noted in this post) and NCM fully supports SNMP v3.   Here's a sneak peak at what this will look like.

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