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Level 7

Feature Request: Default Entry

Currently I see when we can populate the entry box by using .PARAMETER_DISPLAY_TYPE

the entry set under this is a hard list entry and not modifiable.

I would like to populate with a default entry that can be changed

Example: (this forum input box may interfere with format)

        Set NTP Server
        Set the NTP Server to your Router LAN IP.


The instructions say there are three types of parameters; int, string, entity but I am not sure where/how to define them unless it ia in the CLI stage - then I understand but think it should be defined when the parameter is defined.



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Level 18

Re: Feature Request: Default Entry

Ken, good feature request.   Default values are not currently supported, but it's certainly something we can look at for the future.    If others are interested in this, please chime in to help prioritize.

For internal folks, this is being tracked as #4840



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Level 11

Re: Feature Request: Default Entry

Any updates on this? From what I can see this is still not implemented...

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